Heart of the Matter: Molly McConnell – Ep. 16

Molly McConnell started boxing as a whim. That was 15 years ago. The top-flight amateur turned pro and quickly established herself as one of the best knock-out artists in women’s boxing, winning 2 world champion title belts. The Portlander’s story is fascinating, inspiring and oh-so real. Molly McConnell is one of the last honest fighters …in the ring and out. The truth hurts and so do Molly’s punches. And, believe me, she doesn’t pull any! Get to know one of Portland’s best-kept secrets on the Earth2World Network.

2 Responses to Heart of the Matter: Molly McConnell – Ep. 16

  1. Ric Seaberg says:

    Fantastic interview!! Really interestiing!!

  2. Rebel Marsh says:

    You rock, Molly. Great interview.

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