Tell Me About It: Laissez-Faire Journalism Ep.15

Science is close to helping us cheat death- slowing and some day even stopping the aging process.  If you could have immortality, would you take it? You might be surprised to hear how people in downtown Portland felt about the possibility of living forever, as well as Host Francine Raften and her guests Maggi White, publisher of the classic publications The Downtowner and This Week, and now a writer for the Senior and Boomer News, and Tami Wood, Marketing Manager for Forkfly.  Other topics tackled by the gang- the state of journalism today, is it dumbed down too often by lazy, inexperienced reporters and anything but local? Also, in the race for the most Twitter followers and Facebook friends/fans are we losing sight of the value of information shared with an audience that is truly interested? Plus, the pro’s, con’s and distractions of working from home, and have you ever had an absolutely awful client or customer?  Did you suffer through their rants and tirades, or fire them?! People on the streets of Portland shared some of their horror stories. And, a woman paid $50k to clone her dog…a crazy, insane waste of $50k? Or a move every pet owner/lover completely understands?  Join Francine and her guests for the lively conversation on this week’s edition of “Tell Me About It!”

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