Prana Yoga Fit : Ahimsa Ep. 9

Ahimsa means non-violence: non-violence to yourself and to others. This yoga sculpt class is about training your body and your mind with the intention to listen and honor your body’s needs.  This yoga sculpt practice challenges your body to increase strength and muscular endurance, but also trains your mind to be still and focused.  As you move through the sequences we encourage you to give it your best effort, but also to listen to your body and respect your physical limitations, taking breaks when you need them.  Remember that the sequences can be done with or without weights.  If you don’t use weights this time, after practicing the sequences a few times, try again with weights.  Enjoy this energetic practice and reap the benefits of yoga and strength training in one efficient work out.  Visit our Facebook page to learn more about the benefits of strength training.

Enjoy your practice and please, contact us anytime with comments, questions or suggestions at and/or find us on Facebook.

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