Have You Heard? Hosted By Byron Beck: Ep. 34

Episode Description: Have You Heard goes on location to Cargo in the Pearl for a very special Halloween themed edition! Byron Beck is joined by his producer, Jacqueline Gault, and the two will be chatting up all things Halloween! Claire and Damien Brooksbank, FX Make-up artists from Scream’s brand new haunted house in Vancouver will be making up a “Dapper Demon” live on the show. PDX Freak Show organizer Ryan Menard will be talking about the big Halloween party that Earth2World is co-sponsoring, and Noah Mickens, Master of Ceremonies for Wanderlust Circus will be joined by the infamous NagaSita, who may or may not inspire them to learn a few moves of their own. After all the excitement, a drink is in order, and Bradley from Blue Hour is more than happy to oblige with candy-corn colored layered shots and eyeball ice cubes!

Contact: haveyouheard@gmail.com

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