Tell Me About It: Are You Open to Open Relationships? Ep.18

50 percent of men and women cheat on their partners–is it time for our society to consider Open Relationships? One woman’s input as to why good men are scarce…she thinks it’s women’s fault! Are you addicted to Facebook? Turns out it’s the #1 addiction- with booze and cigarettes a distant second and third. Have you given up your hardbound book for the E-reader yet, or will you never relinquish the feel of the book in your hands? The debate rages after a diatribe from best-selling author Jonathan Franzen who thinks E-readers are responsible for the decline of western civilization! And what is your relationship to ‘stuff’? Do you equate buying, storing, acquiring stuff with happiness? Could you take the 100 personal items challenge and pare down your stuff to the bare minimum? All that and more with host Francine Raften and her guests Garden Guru for the Oregonian/TV Personality Anne Jaeger and Actor Eleanor Cathleen O’Brien, now starring in her one woman show “GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies” at Theater Theater. Enjoy!

Have You Heard? Hosted By Byron Beck: Q Center Gala Ep.49

Byron Beck pays a visit to the Q Center and is joined by the center’s Executive Director Barbara McCullough-Jones. They discuss the upcoming Q Center Gala with Gala Chair Don James Aguilera, and are treated to a rendition of “At Last” by blues musician (and Q Gala performer) Lisa Mann. In true HYH form, they end the day with a Q Gala themed “Holly Golightly” cocktail from Art of Catering’s Beth Parazette.

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Tell Me About It: Sex and Super Bowl Ep.17

Would you give up sex for an entire year IF your team would win the Super Bowl championship?! A new survey has some surprising results- and folks on the streets of Portland had some outrageous responses to the question in this week’s episode of “Tell Me About It!”  Host Francine Raften welcomed Media Personality K.C. Cowan (KXL, KGW-TV, OPB) and Actor/Producer and Founder of Theater Brigade, Adrienne Flagg (also starring in “Deadly Murder” at the Lakewood Theater) to bandy about the Sex or the Superbowl topic as well as Men vs. Women in the Boardroom, crotchless panties for KIDS, bringing back the feminist mantra ‘You Can Have It All’ from the dustbin of history, and do opinion/review sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor destroy our sense of adventure? –and so much more!